Webinar | Make budget planning simple and effective

Kas? Toomas Mõttus
Kada? 2023 m. spalio 11 d. 10:00:00
Kur? Primend - Teams Live

September is an ideal time to focus on planning for the upcoming period and converting your company's financial strategies into numerical form. But how can you do this systematically to ensure understanding among all stakeholders and protect your company's trade secrets, limiting access to authorized individuals? How can you guarantee that the budget, once created, is effectively monitored, all while staying true to your initial plans?

In our webinar, we will demonstrate how Primend aids companies in utilizing Microsoft services like Excel, SharePoint, and Power BI to streamline budgeting and monitoring, making it efficient, transparent, and secure. Through our IONO Budgeting solution, companies can easily create budget forecasts using Excel, enabling each department to focus solely on its budget components while maintaining data security.

Budget execution can be monitored easily and efficiently in Power BI reports, where you can specify who sees which data. The flexibility of Power BI allows you to highlight performance metrics in addition to budgets, helping companies maintain a holistic view of their progress and productivity. This means the company's management can quickly react to changes and make strategic decisions based on accurate and up-to-date data.

The webinar will be hosted by: 

Toomas Mõttus Toomas Mõttus | Primend Estonia CEO 

Toomas Mõttus has been active in information technology for over 20 years and holds Microsoft certifications as a Power Platform specialist, data engineer, and data analyst. His focus lies in leveraging new technologies to guide companies through innovation in creating IT solutions that align with their business needs and requirements.